Bob & Tom Mark Major Milestone

A radio show that began in Indianapolis in 1983 and has grown into a national success turns 30 today. The Bob & Tom Show is now heard on more than 150 stations around the country. Co-host Tom Griswold says he and Bob Kevoian would have considered the show a success if it had lasted two years in Indianapolis, but believes it has grown along with the city. He says “unbelievably lucky timing” and good on-air chemistry with Kevoian have fueled the show’s success.

Griswold says arriving in Indianapolis before much of the city’s significant growth allowed the two to make mistakes and grow on the air. He says he’s not sure if the show could have had the same success in any other city.

Griswold and Kevoian worked together in Michigan before moving to Indianapolis. Griswold says during his initial interview downtown he remembers seeing a “hole in the ground” that would eventually become the Hoosier Dome. He says at the time he did not realize what an “incredible city” Indianapolis would become.

The Bob & Tom Show has raised millions of dollars for charity through more than 60 album releases over the last 30 years. The show has also created the Canadian Mist Bob and Tom Comedy All-Stars comedy tour and has produced specials for Comedy Central.

Source: Bob & Tom Show / Inside Indiana Business

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